Unleashing the Power of

3D Customization for Everyone

What is Polygona?

Founded by Leonardo Maglio, Polygona emerged from a simple yet profound idea: to make 3D customization accessible to everyone. With a unique approach, we focus on integrating with existing 3D software like Blender, allowing artists to use their favorite tools without the hassle of learning new ones. Polygona stands as a bridge between artists and everyday users, catering to a range of needs from gaming to 3D printing, and ultimately evolving into a marketplace that brings your digital creations to the physical world.

What we do

At Polygona, we provide a platform where 3D artists can upload their assets and seamlessly turn them into customizable 3D models accessible from the web. Whether you're a gamer needing unique assets, a hobbyist in 3D printing, or someone looking to bring a custom design to life, our platform serves all. But we don't stop there. Our vision is to integrate a marketplace with 3D printing services, transforming your digital models into tangible objects delivered right to your doorstep. It's about turning imagination into reality, effortlessly.

Our Story

The inception of Polygona is rooted in a desire to simplify the complex world of 3D design and printing. As a former 3D artist with a deep understanding of both 3D printing and web development, I, Leonardo Maglio, recognized the need for a more accessible way to customize and create. In this rapidly evolving era, where 3D printing and digital design are becoming increasingly popular, I saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between artists and everyday users. And so, Polygona was born.