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We're super excited to roll out our Blender beta testing program, and it's a big deal for Polygona. As a beta tester, you're going to play a huge part in guiding Polygona's journey. Your feedback is key, and it'll help us create a platform that really works for everyone in the 3D community.

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Current Platform Limitations

Here are some of the current limitations you should be aware of:

Private Files Only: As the marketplace feature is still under development, all uploaded 3D models will remain private on the platform. This means that models are not yet available for public viewing or sharing.

File Size Restriction: To ensure smooth operation and efficient processing, we currently support files up to a maximum size of 10 MB.

Single Object Focus: At present, Polygona is optimized for individual objects only rather than complex scenes.

Geometry-Only Processing: Our platform currently focuses on the geometry of 3D models. Textures and shaders are not processed at this stage. This means that the visual appearance in terms of colors, materials, and surface details will not be transferred.

Potential Compatibility Issues: While we strive to support a wide range of 3D models, there might be compatibility issues with certain complex geometries or Blender features. We are constantly updating our compatibility list and appreciate your feedback on any specific challenges you encounter.

Feedback and Bug Reporting

Feature Suggestions: Have ideas for new features or improvements? Share them with us on Discord.

Bug Reporting: Encounter an issue? Report it directly in our Discord channel where our team can quickly address it.

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